Next bike

Nextbike gaining ground The German Nextbike rental system is gaining ground in Germany and Austria. The system is set-up simpler than for instance Vélib in Paris, and therefore cheaper to operate. It is currently in operation in several dozen cities.

Nextbike has been in operation for three seasons now. Another 30 rental locations are to be added shortly in Austria, with 220 bicycles bearing the name LEIHRAD-nextbike, on this occasion in co-operation with the Austrian railways. And in the German town of Düsseldorf there will be 300 rental bikes waiting at 25 stations this season. The site demonstrates the rental bike is a success in the German-speaking countries. Nextbike has a simpler set-up than the Vélib-like rental bikes in Paris and Barcelona and states that it is cheaper by a factor of 10. After registration users may open the bicycle lock with a code transmitted by text message. After use the cycle is to be reported back by mobile phone. One hour’s use costs one Euro, a full day five Euro. Once registered, people may rent a bicycle in any country and also rent in one location and return it somewhere else. Nextbike was founded in 2004 and by now has locations in seven German cities, as well as in Austria in Vienna and the Burgenland region. Nextbike is also active in New Zealand. The system is financed by the rental income and advertising on the bicycles themselves. Currently an outdoor advertising firm has taken a share in the company.

From : fietsberaad.