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Ronald Haverman founded Bike Sharing Solutions to assist organisations in implementing and improving bike-sharing programs.

Bike Sharing Solutions works together with experts in different countries to ensure up to date solutions. We can share solutions and secrets we have seen in other cities and countries. We help with the development of a bike sharing scheme that suits the local circumstances. Together we work towards a successful launch of the bicycle program.

In 2000 Ronald worked as an innovation manager at Dutch Railtrack (ProRail). His mission was to improve the possibilities to use a bike after a train trip for the last leg to reach ones final destination. That was the start of the Dutch Bike Sharing Program called OV-fiets. As chairman of the non-profit organisation OV-fiets he was responsible for the success and growth in Holland.
In 2008/09 Ronald lived in Melbourne. At RMIT University he raised awareness and spark ideas about a public bicycle system in Melbourne. With the students he ran a pilot in Melbourne with 8 bike rental locations called CommonBike.

In Ronald's vision Bike Sharing programs should bring people fast and easy bike rental. He promotes simple schemes that can start on a small scale and can grow fast, without vender lock inns. Systems that integrate well with local businesses and culture.
With Bike Sharing Solutions Ronald aims to contribute to a successful introduction of bike sharing programs in other parts of the world.  Ronald is happy to share solutions and secrets of OV-fiets and Common bike. Ronald is also involved in Car-Sharing and electric mobility.

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